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MICHEL & CAROLLYNE move through life playfully and present a special performance. This can also be booked as an individual session as a combination of music therapy and a therapeutic body treatment with our full attention for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

This performance is an experience for all your senses. Carollyne will start moving and brings her movement partner Marieke in motion and to a standstill in her own way. The sound of Michels guitar strings form a fluid whole with all movements. The trio will touch you through a beautiful meditative spectacle full of touch with aspects of singing, dance, martial arts, yoga, mindfulness, acrobatics and massage. By seeing the movements and hearing the sounds, your mirror neurons will take you on inner feeling trip in emotion and deep relaxation.

Be surprised by Michel’s virtuoso acoustic guitar playing, Carollyne’s soulful singing and the unique movement patterns that are so palpably moving thanks to co-creating with Marieke.

This calender is subject to change.


The classes have their own structure and can be attended as separate classes. In order to create a pleasant group dynamic, we work with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants in each class.

Participation is on a donation basis so that it is possible for everyone to participate. Donation suggestion is € 25 p.p. and more info can be found at rates.

Class or workshop at your location? Call or e-mail for the possibilities and request of activities.