Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork




Would you like to experience the feeling of comfort and deep relaxation, fully connected to your body? Have you been looking for a way to learn how to maintain this feeling? And on top of that also learn how to improve other’s well-being?

We – Carollyne Tjong Ayong and Benjamin Hébert – found in each other the perfect massagetherapist for ourselves and found an ideal companion for our workshops. Our views on – and approach to – touch & treatment are exceptionally similar. We combined our complementary knowledge, and developed the 5 hour Workshop “Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork”. Now you can also benefit from our combined skills and insights on the matter of Thai Yoga Massage, Stretching, Health, Nutrition, Well-being, Touch and Bodywork. We keep developing ourselves, by participating in courses and studying together. This way we can teach you different approaches and levels to these fun and healing skills.


The focus of our intro workshop will be on:

  • Principles of body postures to promote your own wellbeing in general, and when you are giving a massage to someone else.
  • Principles of “Safe Space and Safe Touch” during respectful Bodywork.
  • Care for & Connect with yourself and others.
  • Benefits of Nutrition for your Health.
  • Techniques from Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga, Meditation and other Bodywork disciplines we studied.


  • 11:30 – 11:45 Entrance time, time to say hi and optionally changes clothes
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Intro & Get-to-know
  • 12:30 – 14:30 Teachings of Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork
  • 14:30 – 15:00 Break with organic snacks & drinks
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Teachings of  Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork
  • 17:00 ———- End of the workshop and we say our goodbyes, or stay if we have an evening programme (Concert or group meditation)


Our locations are at:

Check the online agenda below to find dates and locations of our workshops.

Would you like to organize a workshop at your location?

We make appointments on demand tailored to your wishes with several options. For further information call us at +31 6 483 482 91 or send an e-mail to


  • Wear comfortable long loose fitting (sweat) pants
  • Wear a comfortable T-shirt with (long) sleeves and a propper collar
  • Extra socks and slippers are available
  • You can change clothes before and after class.


Carollyne Tjong Ayong is a Massage Therapist, Cuddle Therapist and Self Defence & Defensibility trainer from The Netherlands. Her story in a nutshell: Caring touch and body-mind connection have always been part of Carollyne’s life. From a young age she often sat behind her mom, and her little hands reduced mom’s migraines and neck pain. Big hugs followed. During her Martial Arts career she participated in competitions and taught practical self-defense. It made her understand how body and mind influence each other, and how important respectful and conscious touch is. Her pleasant physical contact with training buddies made her realize the harsh contrast with people who were less (or not) touched. On many occasions she initiated FREE-HUG-campaigns. Nowadays she has her own practice and combines all her skills to find a unique combination of physical and mental approaches to support her client’s overall wellbeing.

Benjamin Hébert is a Thai Bodywork Therapist, Hatha Yoga Instructor & Dive Master from Belgium. His story in a nutshell: Life is made out of wonderful encounters and he has had the chance to meet incredible people who taught him lifetime wisdom. It all started during a retreat in a Buddhist Temple in the South Jungle of Thailand. He discovered the art of living consciously with Metta (compassionate love & kindness). This led him to help & heal others through Thai Bodywork combined with some Hatha Yoga postures for self-healing. He has been traveling and training in South-East Asia and India with some of the most renowned masters. Today he is CEO of Conscious Motions in Belgium (BE) and gives workshops around Europe to share and spread his caring and healing touch.



An experiment in generosity, which both requires and fosters collective trust, support and creativity of the community

In February 2018 we – Benjamin and Carollyne – met during the full month course of the Thai Massage Circus in Laos. Our connection was very close from the first day of arrival and back in Europe the discance between Brussels and Amsterdam appeared to be very small. We kept meeting on a regular basis and developed the Workshop “Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork” based on our combined skills and insights on the matter of Thai Yoga Massage, Stretching, Health, Nutrition, Well-being, Touch and Bodywork.

But there is more: Carollyne has been using a payment philosophy based on trust for years in her other company. Meanwhile, the second element giving has now been added. We have decided to join the experiment together and use this payment philosophy for our joint workshops. The two elements:


By the end of the workshop you as a participant are invited to choose how much you would like to pay for the workshop. We trust to be able to cover the costs (see below) with the money of people who can afford to pay, while also giving participants with less money the opportunity to join the workshop.


More good news: Someone who came before you made a gift and paid the workshop for you. Now it’s your chance to Pay-It-Forward for a future participant, so the circle of giving can continue. You are warmly invited to join this experiment of giving.


This workshop provides the perfect environment to tackle this question and therewith connect with the Pay-It-Forward spirit within. In fact, you and the other participants can experience important elements of the gift-economy first hand: selfless giving, freedom of choice and the aim to create multiple positive ripple effects. In fact, one of the ripple effects is that with your monetary contribution you support us to develop and offer more workshops based on the gift-economy, which means that more and more people can benefit from it.


The Workshop Introduction to Thai Massage & Bodywork requires a lot of logistics and many preparation hours. To cover all the costs for the workshop in Amsterdam (rent for location, materials, travel expenses, hour rates etc.) roughly € 600,- are needed. The minimum amount of participants is 6 people, the maximum 14 people.The average cost per workshop/person will be calculated accordingly.


Below an example of the payment form that you will receive at the end of the workshop, which was calculated with 9 participants:

Thank you for attending the Workshop Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork, it was a pleasure having you!

Here is the calculation for today’s 5-hour workshop on   _ _  fill in the workshop date _ _ :

  • Today’s Workshop has facilitated   _ _ 9 _ _   participants
  • € 600,─ divided by   _ _ 9 _ _   participants calculates €  _ _ 66,67 _ _  per person

In the spirit of generosity we would like to offer you the choice between one of the payment options below. You can hand in your form and “Thank You”-envelope to one of us.

□   I choose to pay the full amount per person of €  _ _ 66,67 _ _
□   I choose to pay a different amount*, namely   €  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

* This amount can be higher or lower than the full amount per person

Thank you for your contribution!


Send an e-mail with your full name & phone number and date & name of this event to

We are looking forward to welcoming you & sharing this experience,

Benjamin & Carollyne

In the agenda:

  • Workshops, Concerts & other Events.
  • The periods I’m absent for work training. In this periods no appoinments can be scheduled.

This calender is subject to change.