Workshop Self-defense & Defensibility

Indeed, a Workshop Self-defense on the website of a Cuddle Therapist / Massage Therapist. In social interaction with people, it is very important to know and make clear your boundaries. In these workshops contact with yourself, contact with others, your personal development and your well-being can grow and flourish. Carollyne has many years of experience in training and contesting in many Eastern Martial Arts and is also teacher in Self-defense & Defensibility. Because of this, she has found her unique strength to support people in their well-being with a wide variety of activities.

The theme of al activities at Lepeltje Lepeltje is:

Find your own unique strength!

Do you want to feel a more confident and also radiate this? At Lepeltje Lepeltje you will learn to be aware of yourself and of your environment. You may not know it yet, but you have a unique power. Learn how you can use this unique power.


During a useful and also fun workshop at Lepeltje Lepeltje you will learn how to defend yourself. But with Self-defense & Defensibility it’s not just about physical defense, it’s also about attitude and appearance. You’ll learn tips and exercises on how to prevent unpleasant situations and how to behave in different social settings. This will increase your physical and mental strength.

During the lessons, we address several aspects of mental and physical strength, allowing participants to develop as wide as possible at their own pace. In addition, extensive attention is paid to respect and safety in the group and its importance in society. Finally, you learn how to find your own strengths and possibilities and improve your self-confidence.


  • Wear comfortable long loose fitting (sweat) pants.
  • Wear a comfortable T-shirt with (long) sleeves and a propper collar.
  • You can change clothes before and after class.


  • Lutmastraat 209A, 1074 TW Amsterdam.
  • Times and class days may vary, check out the online agenda.
  • Contact me for private classes or a workshop at your location.

Make sure to be present 15 minutes before the class starts. This way you have time to change and the class can start and end on time.