Life lectures: Over and Out

Having a heart attack has given me new insights into life and its transience. This gave me the idea to give lectures about my insights and, as usual, I do this in my own way.

Informative and anecdotal stories about life themes such as illness and loss. Topics that deserve attention.

The title Life Lectures: Over and Out has three meanings:

First of all in Dutch ‘over’ means ‘about’ and the combination ‘over and out’ it means finished.

  • ‘about’ indicates that the topics are about life and life experiences.
  • ‘out’ indicates that the topics are taken out of life.
  • “over and out” indicates that life is finite, and that this too may be a topic.

The kick-off is on April 30, 2020, which is exactly six months after my heart attack. This lecture is based on my own experiences. In an informative and anecdotal way, I speak about looking ‘death on stilts’ in the eye, experiences in the cardiology department, cardiac rehabilitation physio, ‘are you still alive?’ neighbor app group and other post-heart attack perils.

30 July and 30 November (moved to 7 December) are the updates are the updates for nine and twelve months after my heart attack. At least if my heart stays whole.

Other life themes are also discussed and I besides that invite guest speakers. Currently I am preparing for a lecture titled Dutch rusk without sugercoated aniseeds, that will be scheduled next calendar year.

A little context about this Dutch treats tradition:
Dutch rusk with with butter sprinkled with sugarcoated aniseeds are the traditional food served to celebrate the birth of a baby in the Netherlands. They are sold in a mixture of two colours: the white-pink mixture is served when a girl is born and the white-blue mixure is served when a boy is born. For now I leave it to your imagination what this lecture will be about.

So keep an eye on the agenda.

There is also an opportunity to ask questions. These can also be submitted in advance via the contactform, then they will be processed in the lecture.

Depending on the lecture, there will be an opportunity afterwards to eat a bowl of vegan soup and to talk some more. Whether this is the case is indicated in the agenda for each lecture.

Participation is on a donation basis so that it is possible for everyone to participate.

Disclaimer: this is not a medical lecture in which medical advice is given. Consult a doctor or specialist for this.