My vision and mission for my practice:
Reducing the unnecessary lack of necessary life needs: touch, relaxation and sincere attention. Why would anyone have a shortage of this? Well-being is a human right and it should be accessible to everyone. That is why from 2021 I no longer work for money, and from now I will live on donations.

I believe that everyone should have acces to necessary life needs: Touch, Relaxation and Sincere Attention. That is why in my practice I have used “Pay what it’s worth to you” since 2012, followed in 2019 by an Experiment in Generosity by applying Gift Economy.


Many people have been financially affected by the Corona measures. This also applies to me because the government has decided to shut down most of my practice activities for many months. Due to “wrong” SBI-codes, government support or compensation for rent and other fixed costs were missing. The strategy of “flatten the curve” worked for my income.

With the current prospects and the lack of government support, I have decided to throw my fears and damaged confidence overboard. Let’s dive fully into relying on my fellow humans. After all, I have little left to lose and only have to gain. And that gain is enriching others and myself with pleasant surprises, emotion, loving care and compassion.

Of course I will continue to help people. As long as I can keep it up, my practice remains plugged in for now … but concerning the payment system I will pull the plug.

Do you urgently need an appointment, but is your financial situation (possibly due to the corona measures) too limited? It is my intention to make my treatments accessible to everyone, so I have decided to let go of my rates for the time being.

Click “What used to be the rates?” in case you are curious and/or you are looking for a donation suggestion.

From 2021 I will for now no longer work for money and rely on donations according to capacity and well-being. This means that you can make an appointment for a treatment, session, workshop or to use my practice space, regardless of whether you have budget.

Of course I still need money to support myself so I can continue my work.

Do you have a warm heart for me and do you want to support me? This can be done in various ways, including becomming ambassador or give a one-off or recurring donation.

One wonderful gesture I already received is in the form of a Social Crowdfunding Project. Two clients set this up for me, with a combined personal story and a poem in the description based on their experiences with me. I am moved and grateful.

The donation page does not charge a commission and your entire donation will reach us. You can leave a greeting or a support message. If you would like to donate anonymously, you can check the box so that your name does not appear in the donation list on the right.

Unfortunately the donation page is currently down. That’s why you can donate directly to my bank account.

We embrace all gestures, thank you!

Carollyne Tjong Ayong