Thai Yoga Massage Class

Give a massage and receive a massage (fully dressed)

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Massage is good for body and mind. When you  receive a massage regularly you stay flexible and your body will recover faster from small (and large) inconveniences. This 1,5 hour classes are ideal, because besides learning to give a massage, you also receive a massage!

During the Thai Yoga Massage classes:Carollyne Tjong Ayong Thai Yoga Massage

  • You learn to give a full body massage – to a fully dressed massage partner – with the use of your hands, thumbs, arms and feet.
  • The receiver lies or sits on the massagemat and with pleasant contact your body will be compressed, pulled, rocked and stretched
  • You learn to make contact in a pleasant way and you learn to take care of someone else and of yourself.

Carollyne Tjong Ayong Thai Yoga MassageAnyone can participate in the classes, massage experience is not necessary. During the class you will follow the example and guidance of the teacher. That way you can get into the flow of the techniques. The flow provides relaxation for both the receiver and the giver of the massage. Halfway through the class we change roles and the other massagepartner will receive a massage. The teacher  will repeat all the massage techniques for the second group. If you join the class regularly you will start feeling more pleasant and you’ll get more and more grip of the massage flow.


You can come alone or with someone. I will make sure that everyone can give and receive a massage

CLOTHINGCarollyne Tjong Ayong Thai Yoga Massage

  • Wear comfortable long loose fitting (sweat) pants
  • Wear a comfortable T-shirt with (long) sleeves and a propper collar
  • You can change clothes before and after class.


  • Singel classes cost € 25 p.p.
  • If you earn less than € 1250 nett single classes cost € 20 p.p.

When purchasing a 10-class card you receive a 10% discount on the total amount. This card is personal and valid for 1 year.

LOCATION & TIMESCarollyne Tjong Ayong Thai Yoga Massage

  • Lutmastraat 209A, 1074 TW Amsterdam. View the studio on
  • Times and class days may vary, check out the online agenda of contact me to schedule a class.

We advise to be present 15 minutes before the class starts. This way you have time to change and the class can start and end on time.


In the class agenda below you can book classes yourself. Click on an available class, create your account and confirm your booking. Are you unable to attend after registration, delete your reservation at least 2 hours before the class starts. That way someone else can register in your place or be shifted from the waiting list.