Massage & Company Massage

Carollyne is a qualified massage therapist. She started as a sports massage therapist, working with oil on bare skin. She since has discovered that other treatment modalities and techniques based on gentle pressure, acupressure points and stretches are more effective, as wel as prevention as for injury treatment and relaxation. The treatment is given through the clothing and can take place on the massage mat or on a chair massage chair. For more information take a look at Education.

  • Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage: the recipient remains fully clothed. You lie on a warm massage mat and various parts of your body are gently compressed, pulled, rocked and stretched. If needed acupressure points will also be used.
  • Pulsing: the recipient remains fully clothed. You lie on a warm massage mat. You are held gently and rocked rhythmically.
  • After prior consultation, the treatments can possibly take place on a special ergonomic chair massage chair or massage table. 

Carollyne also provides regular Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork classes, click here for information and registration.


All forms of treatment are also very suitable for company locations. This way, the employees remain healthy and injuries such as RSI and other work-related complaints are prevented.