Practice house rules

Massage and cuddling are very good for your immune system, so especially during this time a nice way of self-care.

In my practice a number of house rules and hygiene rules apply.

  • I plan my appointments in such a way that with individual treatments there are no other clients in practice with. Between the appointments, I ventilate the practice space. Be on time, but not too early;
  • In case you find it necessary for your comfort you can bring someone with you. Notify me when we make the appointment. A parent can of course come with their child;
  • Keep your nails clean and cared for;
  • I expect clients and workshop participants to observe the guidelines concerning personal hygiene and to take good care of their bodies.
  • Please don’t use heavy perfumes or deo. This request in connection to allergies of me (practitioner), sensitive clients who come after you and other participants in group activities. There is an opportunity to wash your armpits with a washcloth.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the practice rooms and in the courtyard. It is nice if you want to take into account me (therapist and lung patient) and sensitive clients who come after you. We therefore ask you not to smoke just before a treatment or group activity;
  • Take off your shoes after entering;
  • All the necessary linen is provided by the practice. Do you, because of your condition, prefer to use your own linen during massage treatments and cuddle sessions? Bring your own 1 or 2 clean (cover)sheets of minimum 140x200cm. (This is not necessary for personal guidance, assertiveness training, karate-kata etc.);
  • Wear flexible clean clothing with long sleeves and long legs. You can changes clothes in the practice;
  • For ease of treatment wear (long) hair in a high bun or tail;
  • Observe the toilet hygiene rules of the practice;
  • In case of longer treatments a short break is taken to extra ventilate the treatment room;
  • Before and after the treatment I wash my hands and wrists with soap;
  • With every treatment I wear clean long-sleeved clothing;
  • If you feel anxious to come a telephone or video consultation is also possible. Anxiety has a negative effect on your immune system, so I prefer to keep seeing you to you reducing that fear. If desired, I’ll give you some tips or exercises;
  • While scheduling the appointment, I ask a number of questions about your physical and mental health (triage). This way I can prepare to give you the best care and treatment. Notify me in case of health changes before the actual appointment;
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold, fever, flu-like symptoms, other inflammations or health issues that may be a contraindication to treatment. Contact me to discuss your situation, this can be done up to 24 hours in advance. We discuss what is best for your health and optionally change or reschedule your appointment;

Vegan lifestyle

In my practice I like to create peace and a respectful atmosphere, towards each other and towards the world. For me, the animal world and plant world are also part of that. That is why I include my personal vegan lifestyle in my practice.

Vegan (100% plant-based) is something different vegetarian. In a vegan lifestyle, no animals or animal products are eaten or used, for example meat, eggs and milk products such as cheese and butter. Please be respectful of that.

For the group activities where we eat together with a potluck or take cooking turn, I think it is important to mention that vegan is the norm.

Maybe this is new or difficult for you, I can understand that. Feel free to contact me in case you have questions. I’m be happy to answer them and then we keep misunderstandings at bay.

Is cuddling close up a little uncomfortable for you? Hanging out – standing or sitting – in an elastic Cuddle Cloth is a comfortable alternativ.