Karate & Cuddling




This workshop was created because a number of people wanted to do some powerful exercises to feel alertness and power their bodies. And after that relax and cuddle. Both Martijn and Carollyne have a black belt in Karate and they are also familiar with other Martial Arts. Ideal situatio to combine supply and demand.

We have do Karate Kata (individual exercises) instead of sparring (partner combat exercises). This way you stay with yourself and you can feel your own strength. After that we do an exercise that forms a bridge from Karate to Cuddling. As always you can indicate throughout the workshop what your limits and your needs are.


Question    : Who is the workshop Karate & Cuddling for?
Answer       : For everyone who wants to experience more of their own strenght and who also likes to experience peace and quiet for themselves and for others. Everyone is welcome and gets the opportunity to relax completely and experience a deeper connection with themselves. Experience shows that men and women of all ages and backgrounds, with and without disabilities, with or without a partner relationship, can appreciate the cozy atmosphere of the Lepeltje Lepeltje Cuddle Club.

Question    : Do I need a good condition for the Karate part?
Answer       : Not necessarily, everyone can determine the intensity with which they perform the exercises.

Question    : Do I need gloves and shin protection for the Karate part?
Answer       : No, that’s not necessary. We do Karate Kata, traditional movements and exercises that everyone performs individually. Hereby you find your own strength. And because they are individual exercises without contact, everyone can participate.

Question    : Can I also book an individial session?
Answer       : Yes of course, call or mail me to schedule your appointment.

For the rest of the Q & A about the Cuddle part of the workshop  click on Cuddle club.


  • … – … Doors open for the participants, this way you have time to say hi and if you like changes clothes
  • … – … 2-hour workshop (In order not to disturb the participants we will close the doors when the workshop begins)
    * Karate Kata, traditional movements and exercises from Karate. Hereby you find your own strength. Because they are individual exercises without contact, everyone can participate. (+/- 45 min.)
    * Break – pee – drink some water – put on dry T-shirt
    * Intro-cuddle exercise and the option to cuddle with eachother (+/- 1 uur.)
  • … – …  End of the Cuddle Club and we say our goodbyes

NOTE: check the exact time schedule in the online agenda.


The workshop location is situated at:

  • Lutmastraat 209A, 1074 TW Amsterdam.

You can also order a workshop at your location. We then make appointments tailored to your wishes:

  • The costs depend on your wishes.
  • The workshop can take 2 hours or longer.
  • The maximum number of participants depends on your space. We have experience with large groups.

Feel free to contact me to talk about the options.


  • Wear comfortable long loose fitting (sweat) pants
  • Wear a comfortable T-shirt with (long) sleeves and a propper collar
  • Extra socks and slippers are available
  • You can change clothes before and after class
  • NOTE: bring a 2nd T-shirt because you might sweat during the Karate-kata part, and it seems appropriate to wear a fresh shirt during the cuddle part 🙂
  • Make shure you’re clean and fresh, but DON’T use heavy perfumes or deodorant. This request in connection to allergies of other participants.

For more info please go to practice rules.


  • Everyone stays dressed
  • You don’t have to cuddle, you can also chat, eat cookies or just sit by yourself and enjoy the atmosphere
  • To cuddle you must request permission and receive a verbal “Yes”
  • Say “Yes” or “No” > “Yes” = Yes, “No” = No
  • “Maybe” = No, but you can be asked again later
  • You can always change your mind or indicate that you have cuddled enough
  • Ask for assistance if necessary
  • A smile and a tear sometimes occur, they are both welcome
  • Respect other people’s body, emotion and privacy. So do not take pictures and make no recordings
  • Keep the space clean



An experiment in generosity, which both requires and fosters collective trust, support and creativity of the community

Since september 2003 Martijn and Carollyne kept meeting in the University Sport Centre in Amsterdam at various Eastern Martial Arts classes (e.g. Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing). Their contact has grown into a close friendship and co-operation. Both in their own way specialized in Relaxation an Coaching they have been giving their combined Relaxation & Cuddle Workshop together for a number of years now. In this way they promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as genuine connection to the self and others through touch, relaxation and sincere attention.

But there is more: Carollyne has been using a payment philosophy based on trust for years in her other company. Meanwhile, the second element giving has now been added. Martijn and Carollyne have decided to join the experiment together and now also use this payment philosophy for their joint workshops and other events. The two elements:


By the end of the workshop you as a participant are invited to choose how much you would like to pay for the workshop. Martijn and Carollyne trust to be able to cover the costs (see below) with the money of people who can afford to pay, while also giving participants with less money the opportunity to join.


More good news: Someone who came before you made a gift and paid for your participation. Now it’s your chance to Pay-It-Forward for a future participant, so the circle of giving can continue. Thus, you are warmly invited to join this experiment of giving.


The workshop provides the perfect environment to tackle this question and therewith connect with the Pay-It-Forward spirit within. In fact, you and the other participants can experience important elements of the gift-economy first hand: selfless giving, freedom of choice and the aim to create multiple positive ripple effects. In fact, one of the ripple effects is that with your monetary contribution you support Carollyne and Martijn to develop and offer more workshops meetings based on the gift-economy, which means that more and more people can benefit from it.


The workshop requires a lot of logistics and many preparation hours. To cover all the costs for the Cuddle Club in Amsterdam (rent for location, materials, travel expenses, hour rates etc.) roughly € 500,- are needed. The minimum amount of participants is 5 people, the maximum 10 people. Thus, the average cost per meeting/person will be calculated accordingly.


Below an example of the payment form that you will receive at the end of the meeting, which was calculated with 7 participants:

Thank you for attending the Lepeltje Lepeltje Karate & Cuddling, it was a pleasure having you!

On date: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Karate & Cuddling lasts_ _ 2 _ _ hours
 The full costs€ 500,-
 Participants_ _ 7 _ _

The full costs  € 500,-  divided by the the participants _ _ 7 _ _€ 71,40  per person

In june 2018 our Experiment in Generosity has started. One event has been paid by us and after that everything started rolling. Someone paid for your participation for today. Now it is up to you to pay for someone who comes after you. This way the Chain of Giving continues.

Complete one of the payment options below and become part of the Gift Economy.

□   I choose to pay the full amount p. p. for someone after me €  _ _ 71,40_ _
□   I choose to pay a  different amount* for someone after me €  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

* This amount can be higher or lower than the full amount per person

Thank you for your contribution!


In the online agenda below you can book your participation.

We advise to arrive during the entrance period. In order not to disturb the concert guests we will close the doors when the concert starts. Thank you for understanding.

We are looking forward to having you as our guest.