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Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Cuddle therapist, massage therapist and specialist in touching pshysically and emotionally

Different forms with the same goal: promote well-being.

Readers say:

all sorts of things about the tips and newsletters I write. In general they like it.

“Beautiful lady, and what a wonderful mailing, hihi! How do you think of a way to write something about your practice based on a silverfish.

Very big hug and it’s fun to every now and then hear from you by reading your newsletters.”


“You are really a hero! You have a super nice company with a super good newsletter.”


“What a wonderful human being you are, descended from the world of wonderful words. Hey now I am starting to write that way.

And writing you can indeed. You and your help with my website texts are soooooo welcome. I laughed at your fingers in my fan and enjoyed your presence, thank you Carollyne ❤

Be well, and see you again.”


“How shocked I was by your message about the “Peppernuts” !!! Yet you also write very entertaining about this radical event. I am happy that you are back to work again. It feels that you are so important currently In what you do with your being victim of your talent. Much love and wish you a very prosperous recovery ❤ Big hug.”

M. Prins

“Thank you for another nice newsletter. I sent your Thai massage workshops to an acquaintance. I spoke to her Sunday and she said she wanted to learn this, and then I suddenly read it in your message!

Dear greetings.”


“What a good story! Nice to meet such a taxi driver. Good karma for you.



“My oatmeal pancakes got cold when reading your story …

I find it courageous and inspiring that you open up so vulnerable and take us with you on the journey you make now.

Goosebumps, a smile, a tear in the corner of my eye and a chuckle came by while reading what you have experienced lately.

Nice to hear from you, thank you.”


MC Jazzduo & CarollyneInMotion

MC Jazzduo & CarollyneInMotion

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

14 August 2023

Michel & Carollyne move through life playfully and present two performances at Sonsbeek Theater Avenue in Arnhem.

CarollyneInMotion – Friday 18 August 15:00 & 16:00 & 18:30 and Sunday 20 August 13:00 & 15:00

Especially for this occasion with more acrobatics than in other versions.

This performance is an experience for all your senses. Carollyne moves and in her own way brings her movement partner Marieke into motion and to a standstill. The sounds of Michel’s guitar strings form a smooth whole with all movements. The trio will touch you with a beautiful spectacle full of touch and aspects of song, dance, martial arts, yoga, mindfulness, acrobatics and massage. Your mirror neurons will make shure you will be moved and lead you into deep relaxation by seeing the movements and hearing the sounds.

MC Jazzduo – Friday 18 August 21:30 and Sunday 20 August 17:00 & 19:30

It will be enjoying Jazz guitar and singing in the afternoon and evening hours in Sonsbeek.

MC Jazzduo has a wide repertoire of jazz standards. From beautiful tear-jerking ballads to swinging up-tempo classics. Be amazed by Carollyne’s soulful vocals and Michel’s virtuoso acoustic guitar playing.

An initiative of Michel de Wit and Carollyne Tjong Ayong. Thanks to movement partner Marieke van Andel.

Tip: Michel & Carollyne are on tour for the rest of this year and there is still some room in the agenda for new venues. Of course you can also book them for next year.

Tickets are available via the button above, pick up at least 15 minutes before the start of the desired performance. You can also buy them at the entrance of our tent-8.

Have a wonderfull day and see you at Sonsbeek,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Night watch

Night watch

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

13 August 2023

“There is sooo much going on at the moment that it keeps me awake at night!” words I often hear from people who make an appointment.

Well, there are different ways and sessions to help someone in this situation.

Now I was recently approached by an editor of a TV program who wants to show what such a night watcher comes to do with me and what a night watch session looks like.

Of course I first checked whether it was a program with integrity before I wanted to allow myself and my clients to participate.

After a good conversation in which I could ask many questions, my confidence was won.

A night watch, they say, does not have to be awake every night or all night. But that person must have a certain relationship with the night and more often than the average person is sometimes unable or unwilling to sleep.

They’re looking for:
* Someone who lives in Amsterdam and who sometimes follows or has followed cuddle therapy with me, preferably through the tucking-in service or an overnight session.
* Preferably the person has a special relationship with the night and sleeping. For example, by worrying, too busy in the head, ptsd, etc.
*It is important that the person is willing to share why they benefit from cuddly therapy.

The 2 hours of recordings will take place on one of these evenings/nights:
* from 28 to 29 August
* from 29 to 30 August
* from 30 to 31 August

The exact time will be discussed with us. Because of course I will also be present at the interview.

Would you like to join me in an interview on TV and share about your experiences and what the cuddle sessions mean to you? Send me a message.

I will send you some additional information and the editor will also call you this week to give you more information.

I wish you a good night and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Curl up to me

Curl up to me

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

7 February 2023

We’ve been playing together almost weekly all year, and even more this week.

Why? Especially for you!

A musical party where we both were inspired to put our curly heads together and create a nice concert for you.

My last cuddle concert was already three years ago, and I regularly get the question when there will be another one. Did you ask that too?

If you have already attended one, you will probably remember that I invited special musicians for the occasion, and then sometimes sang one song myself.

Now I have decided to get my vocal cords out of the grease for the whole concert. Before I put them away some time ago I sang in a big band and performed with jazz combos in cozy establishments.

And now … now it’s time for something new.

The theme and date were chosen fairly quickly. “Can I curl up to you?” is a well-known question in my practice. So yes my curly partner and I agreed, let’s do sweet songs at a Valentine’s Day concert on February 14th.

As usual, we’ll start with an introductory cuddle workshop in which you can get to know the other attendees in a pleasant and familiar way.

Then you sink into one of the comfortable Terapy beanbags and you can relax and enjoy our musical chemistry.

Thanks to my songman Ferenc, a beautiful program has sprouted from our vocal cords, strings and curly hair to let you experience a wonderful evening.

Are you looking for a unique cozy and musical evening out at Valentine’s in a nice company? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We have limited space so sign up quickly via the online agenda.

Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

To backbone or not to backbone

To backbone or not to backbone that’s the question

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

8 January 2023

My last real patient from last month had issue with his “backbone”.

I was doupting to respond with “Sir, it’s called spine” or with “Sir, in the anatomy landscape of my workfield, we call it spinal cord.”

Ah well usually I have more than enough annoying smart-wise comments, so I let this one go.

Okay, so he had a “backbone” issue.


My follow-up phone call showed that the positive effects of the treatment had continued.

Mr. Backbone had also started doing the exercises given and he had even taken up the recommended yoga class.

Chapeau, good patient this guy.

Very nice to take responsibility to find the correct position of his “backbone” and to prevent it from falling again in the future.

Bye bye we won’t see him again for a while, at least I assume so.

When I say things like this, I regularly get the question: “Why are you so enthusiastically pushing your patients out of your practice?”

Haha well if you put it that way I understand the confusion.

My mission is to get people to feel better inside and out, ánd preferably in such a way that they can continue on their own.

Of course everyone is welcome to come back, but as far as I’m concerned, rather for maintenance than for serious damage or complaints.

Well, that’s how you handle it with your car too, right?!

Surely some complaints are more persistent than others, and then a treatment process is needed.

So if you have something big that needs to be dented out… bring it on!

Anyone have a frozen shoulder, tinnitus, migraine, a bone fracture or some other chronic thing?

Let yourself be heard and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Have a nice evening and keep your back straight,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

No happy holidays

No happy holidays

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

30 December 2022

Turmoil all over the place and everyone bounces back and forth.
All because… yes, the season is there again … End of the old and preparation for the new year.
Well, in my experience, it every day just ‘day’, or to put it better: every day is a special day.
As far as I’m concerned, the back and the forth can be more evenly distributed over the entire year.
What about all those other days of the year? What would it be like if we wish each other a nice day or wonderful week on 18 May?
Or if eve-ry-one would give each other a simple smile and sincere greeting on a different day. What kind of domino effect would that create?
Leo Buscaglia once said: ” Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
If that is the intended result of all the wishes that we throw at eachother during this period, then I have a proposal: wish each other the best wishes, start today do it every day.
I am curious about the reactions you are going to get and the further effects on yourself and others.
Send me your experiences or tell me about them during an appointment, then I will include them in the anthology I am writing.
Best wishes for today so that it can be a beautiful day,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Smart cat

Smart cat

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

26 December 2022

“Was fumbling around here next to the couch, and when I walked by later the key was in plain sight.”

Brilliant words from a dear friend I had visited.

And that after more than four weeks of cycling around on a bicycle borrowed from the neighbours and sending out messages with the title “WANTED: bicycle thief!”.

Haha then this is a souper duper of a cool situation.

My bicycle key, which seemed to be gone forever, has floated to the surface. Or rather: has been pushed out from under the couch.

What a smart cat!

She must have been staring at it for weeks while she felt from a distance how I was awkwardly bumbling with the unfamiliar bike from my neighbors.

Although I am very grateful for the replacement transport, I say “awkwardly bumbling” because in the end I just prefer to cycle on my own bicycle.

Kitty must have known that in my busy agenda it was challenging to respond to the messages from the “non-professional bicycle thieves” who wanted to help me and plan something.

She decided it was enough and gave me back my key right before Christmas.

Do you recognize you are messing around while you know there is a fairly simple solution to your discomfort?

You could wait for some smart Christmas pet to come up with a solution, or you could just accept the help of a bicycle thief or in this case a massage therapist.

In case your discomfort consists of tension, stress and related items, then my offer to treat you is hereby emphasized once again.

Planning will be somewhere in January, but please do get in touch.

Miraculous Monday and let’s plan,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

the Call for Soup

the Call for Soup

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

16 December 2022

“And within how many weeks has this sprung up?” “Three! And it soups like a charm.” She stared at me with a twinkle in her eye when she took the flyer I handed her.

The initiative the Call for Soup was created at the beginning of December to reflect on our fellow human beings in the dark days of the year. In these wintry temperatures, some people are cold and during the days of being together, with the family and extensive dinners, people are alone and sometimes have nothing to eat.

Well you know me by now, so when I heard about it I of course hooked up right away.

You can participate by handing out a hot cup of soup, but also think of blankets, warm clothes or toys for children who will not find anything under the tree this year, and also by receiving the soup and more and connecting with others during this heartwarming initiative.

The Call has been heard. Meanwhile, 17 locations have been started up throughout the country which will herald the first edition of the Call for Soup on 18 December. My practice space is just one of the 4 locations in Amsterdam where you can go.

Our volunteer core team of Amsterdam-DePijp-Lutmastraat 209A consists of 10 enthusiasts: 4 jacks of all trades, 3 chefs, 2 brothtowers of strength and 1 overarching soup regulator.

In addition, we have 2 hairdressers and 1 singer-guitarist for a new haircut and beautiful melodies during the soup.

We have a beautiful indoor location and a covered courtyard. There is a gift table with fun and useful items and there is a choice of different soups, various types of humus with bread and even oliebollen*. (*this translates as “oily balls” a fried pastry the Dutch eat on New Years Eve and in the weeks before.)

All sponsored by charitable neighborhood entrepreneurs.

Would you like more information about this initiative, donate products, join and start a location yourself or grab a soup somewhere on Sunday? Check out English site was especially created for you) ❤️🥣❤️

All Soupers are very much looking forward to December 18th. We foresee a satisfied tiredness on December 19th and a great enthusiasm to schedule a next date.

Fabulous Friday and soup you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong



Carollyne Tjong Ayong

14 December 2022

You know that hip term FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, which makes you say YES to everything because you’re afraid to miss out on what there is to experience.

While you are actually completely overwhelmed, you say “Yes, I’m coming” to your friends, “Yes, I’m coming” to your family and above all, “Yes, I’m going to arrange it” to your boss.

If afterwards it was disappointing or less appreciated than you expected, flurrrpppp then you’ll lie bunt out and fed up in your bed because the alarm goes off for the next rat-race activity.

So my ears pricked up to my heart’s content when I heard new hip terms in the corridor: “… what do you think of ROMO Relief Of Missing Out?”

A hipster, you know the type, with a messy bun and a tight-winged beard and a tall, beautiful woman with a smooth short haircut were busy talking “… yes, because I sometimes feel relieved when I consciously miss what can be experienced in certain situations.” “Wow yes, even delighted, so then I suggest JOMO Joy Of Missing out.”

So… throw these kind of terms at this language fanatic and the brain wheels will turn to write you another nice email.

What’s coming is a holiday month in which stress can grotesquely predominate.
Stress about finishing this year’s projects, stress about the presents, stress about the overly elaborate dinners that have to be cooked because the whole family is coming over, stress about sitting alone again and feeling like everyone else is having a great time, stress about your list of New Year’s resolutions that you already know you will give up on January 3rd.

And what I forget here you can add yourself.

Do you want to consciously create ROMO or JOMO and arrange a nice alternative for yourself for all that stress? Then I see two options:

  • For group companionship and a filled belly, be welcome at one of the locations of the Call for Soup on December 18th.
  • For individual attention, my holiday calendar still has a tiny bit of room for, so make an appointment and I’ll see you then.

Have a wonderful day,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong