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Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Cuddle therapist, massage therapist and specialist in touching pshysically and emotionally

Different forms with the same goal: promote well-being.

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all sorts of things about the tips and newsletters I write. In general they like it.

“Beautiful lady, and what a wonderful mailing, hihi! How do you think of a way to write something about your practice based on a silverfish.

Very big hug and it’s fun to every now and then hear from you by reading your newsletters.”


“You are really a hero! You have a super nice company with a super good newsletter.”


“What a wonderful human being you are, descended from the world of wonderful words. Hey now I am starting to write that way.

And writing you can indeed. You and your help with my website texts are soooooo welcome. I laughed at your fingers in my fan and enjoyed your presence, thank you Carollyne ❤

Be well, and see you again.”


“How shocked I was by your message about the “Peppernuts” !!! Yet you also write very entertaining about this radical event. I am happy that you are back to work again. It feels that you are so important currently In what you do with your being victim of your talent. Much love and wish you a very prosperous recovery ❤ Big hug.”

M. Prins

“Thank you for another nice newsletter. I sent your Thai massage workshops to an acquaintance. I spoke to her Sunday and she said she wanted to learn this, and then I suddenly read it in your message!

Dear greetings.”


“What a good story! Nice to meet such a taxi driver. Good karma for you.



“My oatmeal pancakes got cold when reading your story …

I find it courageous and inspiring that you open up so vulnerable and take us with you on the journey you make now.

Goosebumps, a smile, a tear in the corner of my eye and a chuckle came by while reading what you have experienced lately.

Nice to hear from you, thank you.”


Backflip with scooter step almost did me in

Backflip with scooter step almost did me in

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

30 november 2022

A year ago, exactly at this moment 30 November 2021 at 22:15h I was feeling a little unpleasant.

That eventually turned out to be very unpleasant because the discomfort was caused by a tear in my coronary artery and a heart attack.

Things are going well now and I’m smoothly back to work and living my life, but WITH very conscious moments of rest and I have already given a number of anecdotal and informative Life Lectures about my heart situation.

Had I almost survived the whole year after the tear… I nearly did myself in earlier this week with a backflip on my scooter step.

Well alright I’m exaggerating a bit, but I really saw the sidewalk tiles approaching two nose lengths, and the gentlemen who walked in front of me shocked “Oh ma’am, are you ok?”.

I still doubt what I experienced worse, the judorol on the sidewalk, ‘cause I had to go to my practice with a backpack and a bag on my shoulder, or those alleged peers who called me “ma’am”.

Anyway, I was fine. My hands were (to my own surprise) still intact and all my joints hinged in the right direction. So I hopped on my scooter again and I went on to my destination.

After two massage treatments my knees felt a bit stiff and when I lifted my pantlegs I saw why. Two purple knees looked at me a bit swollen glance, and I’ve also discovered a yellow -green elbow.

Self-care plan: Stay in motion, Arnica ointment on my knees and I just made a recovery massage appointment for myself.

Perhaps you still wonder why on earth I roll around so packed on a scooter step.
Well, the scooter was my salvation because my bike is chained to a pole, fully locked, and the clean laundry had to go to the practice.

Normally I rarely lose anything, let alone my bicycle key. However, since I recently drive around with a loan car every now and then, I clip the car key on and from my key chain. So I have finally succeeded in losing my bicycle key and rolling over the sidewalk.

Are you or do you know a bicycle thief who wants to come and break my own bicycle lock so I can buy a new lock WITH a spare key? Please send me a message.

You can also do so if you want to know how my heart and knees are doing or if you want to make an appointment for your own recovery massage.

Heartshaped greetings and have a lovely evening,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Zen Veteran

Zen Veteran

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

28 November 2022

His jogging pants had the same color as his beret, though by then he wasn’t wearing it anymore, and we could start.

However, before that time came I really had to put in some effort. Because, how do you prep a veteran for a massage?

First I lifted his helmet with camo leaves of his head and then I kindly asked him to take off his camouflage suit.

Briefly I felt some resistance but after my explanation, that being trated in jogging pants and sweater with long sleeves was more comfortable, he obediently did what I asked.

My therapeutic Thai massage treatment works best when you can move unrestricted and are dressed nice and warm, because you when you relax you can cool down considerably from the inside.

Of course we also had a more extensive intake interview in which we discussed points of attention from his past, and I also explained what my treatments look like.

This type of guy probably has some visible and invisible trauma’s you – well, in this case I – would like to take into account.

With my many years of Martial Arts practice I can avoid an unexpected swipe with an arm or leg, yet it seemed unnecessary to trigger him in one way or another.

All preparations had in the end created a safe atmosphere for him and for me. This resulted in a looong treatment in which little by little the scales of his armor fell and gave way to softness.

Awesome, because that’s exactly what he came for: relaxation and relief of his complaints.

During the treatment he indicated a number of times how good it all felt. And when we said goodbye he thanked me with such a big bulletproof hug, it almost seemed like a cuddle session.

The next day he also sent a message: “Thank you for the incredibly good and dedicated care. I feel like a new body today. I love to come back more often for such indulgence! Do you have time somewhere next month?”

Well cool, hereby my mission ‘Massage for the Military’ has started.

However army guy or not, you too are very welcome for a massage treatment or a cuddle session. Just send me a message to make an appointment.

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Kick you into the ground?

Kick you into the ground?

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

23 November 2022

“I’d like a grounding massage treatment today, I’m so in my head that I’m almost floating.”
My colleague didn’t waste any time and had requests immediately upon arrival.
“Do you have any further wishes?” I asked with a chuckle. Massage therapists often tend to have their own injuries.
And yes, we had a bite. A shoulder that could use some attention, a rickety lower back and ringing in the ears that raged like a kettle.
Well then I suggest that to kick into the ground for some grounding, along the way a spray of WD40 in the rusty back and shoulder joints and then some ‘Clickety click, Barbatrick!’ for the ears.
I ended up doing a lot of slow deep grounding techniques with my feet, treating the other discomforts as well.
The ‘kicking’ was, of course, a joke.

However it became a funny treatment session, as my collegue put his hands on his ears insted of on his shoulders as I requested, and there was other stuff we laughed about; this all had an extra relaxing effect.
“I am nice and relaxed and feel the ground under my feet again.”
With those words, my colleague frolicked out like a frisky lamb.
Mission accomplished!
I closed the door and through the window I laughed as I watched the six-foot-tall frolicking guy.
Do you also want to laugh and get rid of your tension? Make an appointment.
Have a wonderful day,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

PS donations for ‘I’m going to split 2‘ are still very welcome 🙏🏾❤️

I’m going to split 2

I’m going to split 2

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

31 October 2022

October was pleasantly surprising. Both for me and for the one I am going to surprise very much tomorrow.

Someone had quietly confided in me about enormous financial shortages, this made me cook up the plan of donating a third of my donations from October to this dear one.

For the full text, read I’m going to split.

Tomorrow is November 1st and I’ll shout out “Tadaaaa, look what I have for you!” whilst the other probably bursts into tears.

Fine with me, I can stand crying people, especially when it’s being moved by joy.

So many lovely people have made from-small-to-biiiiig donations and sent sweet messages.

So first of all my heartly thanks to them all and second I’m gonna do it again ‘s cause this is so wonderful.

This time I’m going to shine some wintersunbeams on a single girlfriend, mother of two, who has to make ends meet.

Six days a week she has several jobs outside the city. She runs from one place to another and on her one day off she is sooo broken that she doesn’t even have a energie to meet me.

Well, even though my rehabilitation heart causes me limited energie still, my heart is big enough to gift her a third of my donations of November.

Did you doubt the last month whether you would contribute to my mercyfull campaign and do you want to do that now?

Click here for a donation.

You can of course also maken an appointment and donate some extra.

However I’m happily looking to the coming month and to December 1st on which it is surprise day again.

Have a wonderful day,

Pumping three times

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

29 October 2022

On the way to the supermarket I got off my bike for the third time.
I could have known, and yet it was annoying.
When I left my front tire was all flat, but I really had to go shopping now ‘cause otherwise the rest of the planning was compromised.
So … I pulled the bicycle pump from the neighbors out of the hall, pumped up the tire, threw  the pump in my bicycle basket and hope for the best biked to the Bio-Super.
It was only a kilometer and a half, but at the end of the street I felt the steering wheel steering heavier around the bend.
The first traffic light was green, but I stood still and pumped as if my life depended on it.
I couldn’t afford to have to wait for a red light after pumping, because then it would be empty again as soon as I arrived across the street.
Yes it was still green. Go! Go! Go!
Less than two corners, ringing fellow bicycle path users flew past me and I was carefully slowing down for the second round of pumping.
Hoping that I would reach the store, I got on my bike again, unfortunately I had to pump a third time, aarghhhh.
Then with the groceries the whole pumping arangement again back home.
The worst thing is that I have been cycling to the practice in the same way for two days now.
I have come to the understanding why I often see clients only when their complaints have gotten out of hand.
Just like I am cycling now, they just run on with their sore ankle and simply continue working on their computers for their bosses despite their RSI or tennis elbow.
Along the way they pump some painkillers, but no sight of repairing the tire or a precautional drop of oil on the chain.
I promise to fix my bike this weekend and then maintain it better.
Do you feel inspired to better take care of yourself?

Send me a message to make an appointment.

Have a lovely weekend,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong


Carollyne Tjong Ayong

20 October 2022

My neighbor is a spry old man, you know the type, one who goes for a run twice a week and jumps on his racing bike 3 times a week.

When I hear bang-a-bonk in the stairwell and the graceful swing of the outer door slamming, I know what time it is.

I look out the window and FLASH there he goes with this trendy T-shirt and reflector shoe laces.

Every time I see him go, I think “Go granpa go!!! Yep, that’s how I want to grow old too.”

Sexy-neighbour-dot-com was the title of an e-mail that landed in my mailbox this morning, it made me chuckle wildly.

It had nothing to do with my neighbour and of course it didn’t come from the neighbors either, but my day had started with a lovely booster laughter.

Click … the unopened e-mail straight to the spam box, and immediately wrote this mail for you.

Let’s go back to my sporty neighbor for a moment.

With all that sporting effort, he now and then needs a massage to let his body recover properly and to relax.

In my therapeutic Thai massage he has found the perfect outcome.

Do you want to discover what this type of massage can do for you?

Send me a message to make an appointment.

Have a lovely day,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

I’m going to split

I’m going to split

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

30 September 2022

September was an emotional month.
Besides my own things that touched me, I was touched even more this month by someone who confided in me.
It was about the following:
“I’ve been washing myself at the sink for years to save water costs and energy and now and then I take a cold shower for a few minutes.”
Well, being a kick-ass WimHof ice cube showerer myself, is a choice.
Although, under loud protest, I parked my cold water fun for a few months because my cardiologist sort of forbade it after my heart attack.
In the meantime I’ve made my own plan, I’ve stopped taking the preventive bullspoop medication and went back to taking my cold shower again.
Just to be clear, I choose the temperature of my water jet myself, and what I heard in the trust story was really about something else.
Especially when it followed:
“You know, I have to live on €105,- a month. My old winter coat is leaky and worn out and now that the energy prices have risen so much and the food is also becoming more and more expensive, I no longer know where I can cut back to make ends meet…”
My heart almost broke again and I was inspired to write this email.
I’m going to split.
That is, I’m going to split my donations next month.
I will donate a third of the donations that I receive in October for my own livelihood to this lovely human in need.
Do you want to help me surprise someone very much on November 1st?
Click here for your contribution.
I am looking forward to the upcoming month.
Have a wonderful day,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Agenda without apple-pie

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

11 September 2022

The workshop weekend is over again.
Before I make my practice space available again for the following group activities, it is now first time for rest and relaxation.
This weeks individual cuddle sessions and massage treatments have already been scheduled.
Yet the group activities are also eagerly waiting on the online agenda.
Since it is September, I’ll give a small glimpse of this week and upcomming weeks:

  • Thai Yoga Massage class – I accompany (like with a yoga class) two massage rounds. I will make sure everyone can give and receive a massage. You can therefore register as a duo or alone.
  • Soundhealing and mantra singing – Professional sound artists Estée Makampo and Michel de Wit make relaxation music especially for people who want to experience more peace and relaxation in body and mind.
  • KarmaKitchen – Shuffling, hula hoops, cosiness, socializing and joining the dining table for a delicious cooked lunch meal. (Upcomming Saturday the last outdoor edition in wonderful garden of my practice)
  • Homeopathic first aid course – Almost graduated student classical homeopathy Sigrid van As shares her knowledge for preventive health. You get a beautiful syllabus and a nice discount on a homeopathic first aid box.
  • Tree of life quest – In the three-part workshop series, psychologist Anicee Bauer invites you to reconnect with nature and with your “own true nature”.
  • Human Design Café – Human Design analyst and coach Jan Groot creates many AHA moments with passionate skills in terms of how you function and how you and your relationships influence each other.
  • Cuddle workshop – I give you interesting insights about the importance of touching and being touched. But you will mainly experience a lot in the field of personal space, relaxation and connection.
  • Life readings: Over and out – informative and anecdotal stories about life themes such as illness and loss. Themes that deserve attention.

Click HERE to read more information and register, or feel free to send a MESSAGE if you have some questions.
Have a lovely evening and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

The Kilo’s from the cancer course

The Kilo’s from the cancer course

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

8 September 2022

The last five days I have gained five kilos.
You probably wonder how I managed to do that. Well I do!
It is the same song every time I attend a 5-day course at the only university of applied sciences for Thai massage therapy in the Netherlands.
Study days from 10:00 to 18:00 around which we also live together and there is a cooking schedule.
You know the type of list on the notice board, with names in pairs who are responsible for one lunch and one dinner.
Delicious, healthy, nutritious meals where I see only one option … launch my intention to fill my plate only once and fill my plate three times ev-e-ry meal!
So now you know too, hahaha.
In addition to those five kilos on the scale, I’ve also gained a few kilos of theoretical knowlegde, treatment techniques and a certificate.
This time for a specialization course “Warm hands on an aching body – touch therapy for people who are somewhere in the oncological (cancer) process”.
There was a familiar open atmosphere in which everything could be said and asked.
And oooh our Israeli teacher Roni Gilboa is really a woman to my heart.
She made the spicy theoretical matter sweet and accessible, so the group remained wide awake and we hung on her lips with our attention.
She also spoke respectfully and anecdotal about her impressive treatment experiences in hospitals, in her clinic and with her own mother who also got cancer.
We laughed so much, sometimes with moist eyes of being moved or the memory of an unspoken story of our own.
Five treasurous days with certainly also room for tears, comforting glances and meaningful silence with an arm around a shoulder.
Our course was given an extra dimension because we received a guest who is currently moving in the middle of the cancer process.
A grateful opportunity for us to hear an experience story, ask questions and get first-hand feedback about the effects of the massage treatments.
All we learned has a soothing and comforting effect on aching and tired bodies, also if this is caused by trauma, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), chronic anxiety, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and other autoimmune and/or chronic diseases.
Are you, or is someone dear to you, dealing with the process of cancer? Then I would like to invite both of you for a treatment.

Send me a message and I hope to soon meet you in your personal process.

Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Sneeky chewing gum sticker

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

23 August 2022

Last weekend there was a KarmaKitchen and a homeopathic first aid course in my practice.
It was a weekend full of hula hooping, shuffling, eating, chatting people. Healthy pleasantness, exactly what you are used to in my practice.
Sitting at large tables, everyone filled their heart, stomach and mind with heartwarming conversations, delicious foods and homeopathic principles.
The sun was shining and everyone enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content.
Afterwards I was left with a lot of satisfaction and some small cleaning jobs. A number of guests had already taken care of the mega dishes.
It was therefore to my great surprise that while cleaning I found a fresh but hard mint-fresh chewing gum under one of the tables.
You know one of those bumpy bubbles that is skillfully crammed into a ledge, hoping it goes unnoticed.
I could hardly imagine that one of these two groups had a sneeky chewinggum sticker.
Well… and yet it was, so I plucked it off and cleaned everything.
My eye is accurate and I present clean stuff and attentive services.
For me, detecting such a misplaced piece of chewing gum is comparable to detecting physical stress complaint or an emotional discomfort.
Do you have tension or discomfort that needs to be professionally plucked out?
Send me a message to make an appointment.
Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong