If you donate via the donation page, your entire donation will be sent to me, and you can leave a message.

If you prefer to transfer your donation directly to my bank account, feel free to do so.

  • IBAN: NL 86 INGB 0006 4898 09 attn. C.H.R. Tjong Ayong, stating “ONE-OFF DONATION” or “RECURRING DONATION”
  • BIC/SWIFT: INGB NL2A (for donations from outside of the Netherlands)
  • Please also send me an e-mail so I can personally thank you

ING, ABN and Rabobank explain on their website how it works. The ASN bank gives the option “recurring” for online banking. I guess it’s the same for banks outside the Netherlands.

We embrace all gestures, thank you!

Carollyne Tjong Ayong