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🙂 🙂 had a hearty laugh about this!”

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Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Cuddle therapist, massage therapist and specialist in touching pshysically and emotionally

Different forms with the same goal: promote well-being.

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all sorts of things about the tips and newsletters I write. In general they like it.

“Beautiful lady, and what a wonderful mailing, hihi! How do you think of a way to write something about your practice based on a silverfish.

Very big hug and it’s fun to every now and then hear from you by reading your newsletters.”


“You are really a hero! You have a super nice company with a super good newsletter.”


“What a wonderful human being you are, descended from the world of wonderful words. Hey now I am starting to write that way.

And writing you can indeed. You and your help with my website texts are soooooo welcome. I laughed at your fingers in my fan and enjoyed your presence, thank you Carollyne ❤

Be well, and see you again.”


“How shocked I was by your message about the “Peppernuts” !!! Yet you also write very entertaining about this radical event. I am happy that you are back to work again. It feels that you are so important currently In what you do with your being victim of your talent. Much love and wish you a very prosperous recovery ❤ Big hug.”

M. Prins

“Thank you for another nice newsletter. I sent your Thai massage workshops to an acquaintance. I spoke to her Sunday and she said she wanted to learn this, and then I suddenly read it in your message!

Dear greetings.”


“What a good story! Nice to meet such a taxi driver. Good karma for you.



“My oatmeal pancakes got cold when reading your story …

I find it courageous and inspiring that you open up so vulnerable and take us with you on the journey you make now.

Goosebumps, a smile, a tear in the corner of my eye and a chuckle came by while reading what you have experienced lately.

Nice to hear from you, thank you.”



Carollyne Tjong Ayong

15 November 2021

Saturday I emailed about something other than cuddle therapy and massage treatments.

During cuddle sessions I use Terapy: the most comfortable beanbag ever.

Because my clients (and I too) absolutely love this Barbapapa-esque relaxation cocoon, you can buy your own copy through me at a discount.

In my previous message the discount percentage of 15% had disappeared in the text, apparently my keyboard was in the relaxed weekend mode haha.

Ordering works as follows.

Find your Terapy on this website and send me a message with your order, color and quantity.

I will process your order and send you the discount invoice.

After your payment we make an appointment for the free delivery.

Have a nice day and I look forward to hearing from you,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

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