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Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Cuddle therapist, massage therapist and specialist in touching physically and emotionally

Different forms with the same goal: promote well-being.

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all sorts of things about the tips and newsletters I write. In general they like it.

“Beautiful lady, and what a wonderful mailing, hihi! How do you think of a way to write something about your practice based on a silverfish.

Very big hug and it’s fun to every now and then hear from you by reading your newsletters.”


“You are really a hero! You have a super nice company with a super good newsletter.”


“What a wonderful human being you are, descended from the world of wonderful words. Hey now I am starting to write that way.

And writing you can indeed. You and your help with my website texts are soooooo welcome. I laughed at your fingers in my fan and enjoyed your presence, thank you Carollyne ❤

Be well, and see you again.”


“How shocked I was by your message about the “Peppernuts” !!! Yet you also write very entertaining about this radical event. I am happy that you are back to work again. It feels that you are so important currently In what you do with your being victim of your talent. Much love and wish you a very prosperous recovery ❤ Big hug.”

M. Prins

“Thank you for another nice newsletter. I sent your Thai massage workshops to an acquaintance. I spoke to her Sunday and she said she wanted to learn this, and then I suddenly read it in your message!

Dear greetings.”


“What a good story! Nice to meet such a taxi driver. Good karma for you.



“My oatmeal pancakes got cold when reading your story …

I find it courageous and inspiring that you open up so vulnerable and take us with you on the journey you make now.

Goosebumps, a smile, a tear in the corner of my eye and a chuckle came by while reading what you have experienced lately.

Nice to hear from you, thank you.”


Heartsnail with 30 beats

Heartsnail with 30 beats

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

27 june 2022

Since my heart attack I have made a big journey, from an active and sporty life to quite limited in a hospital bed.

Then followed a difficult and slow recovery, with a serious infection that left me completely flat at home for another month before I could start my heart rehabilitation.

A heart-to-shreds has serious consequences, but now I can already do a lot more than I could, even give massage treatments.

Stopping my heart medication has helped me little steps forward, this is not for everyone.

I have had a rare form of heart attack after which a medication-free life appears to be quite possible.

My ex-top sports heart was slowed down considerably by the beta blockers (this is what they do), it seemd like a heartsnail with a daily snail’s pace of 30 beats per minute.

Meds-free was my wish, or actually my requirement, so I presented it to my cardiologist.

In the consultation I discussed my plan for heart health with her.

She reacted somewhat reluctantly, but she thought I had thought carefully about alternatives to beta blockers and blood thinners and finally agreed.

She said that I belong to myself – hey, those are my own words from my January 2021 speech – and that I as a patient I participate in the decision-making process in my treatment.

The next day I immediately stopped taking the pills.

My heart still beats calmly as it always did, and now a bit faster than with that blocker. As a result, I now feel more oxygen and energy flowing through my body.

In addition to specific nutrition and supplements, I now also book massages much more often than before, which supports my wellbeing and it helps my recovery enormously.

Funny how as a massage therapist I sometimes massage the same people every week, but I hardly found the time for it for myself. Yes “found” because that is in the past.

I am grateful for my heart and how it taught me to arrange more for myself what I need.

Do you feel inspired by my story, and would you like to receive a massage again?

Make an appointment or come join a massage class, Tuesday evening 28 June we already have one scheduled.

For more serious heart matters and heart anecdotes I would like to invite you to my Life Lectures, they are on the online agenda amongst other activities.

Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

PS if you have contacted me in the past few months and have not yet received a response, please send me your email again. I recently started updating the backlog that has arisen.

Victim of my limited talent

Victim of my limited talent

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

28 januari 2022

What kind of work do you do?
I give massage treatments, cuddle sessions, guidance, various lessons and workshops and a few other things with people and increase well-being.
Why do you do what you do?
Umm …
The same question was also asked to Guido Weijers (Dutch comedian) and his answer was: “I have no other choice, I’m victim of my limited talent”.
Wow, those words struck me with a flash of recognition.
That goes for me too, I was made to do what I do, and so I’m also victim of my talent.
What an eye-opener to formulate it like this, absolutely brilliant!
Well from now on no more uhmm-ing for me when I’m asked why I do what I do.
What is the effect of your work?
Guido makes jokes on a big stage, and then people laugh.
I support, treat and lift people up so that they feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.
And sometimes I make silly jokes too.
Do you want to benefit from my ‘limited’ talent and silly jokes?
Do yourself a favor and send a me message to make an appointment.
Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

International Hugging day

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

21 January 2022

Yes, it’s that time again.

The day has come again when worldwide extra attention is given to the importance of cuddling.

Have you already cuddled and recharged yourself today?

Not yet? Then go and do it quickly, because there are so many healing benefits for your body and your mind.

I’ll name a few, but the list is much longer. Cuddling:

  • Improves your immune system
  • Lowers stress hormones and feelings of stress
  • Strengthens the connection with yourself and with others
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increase the connection with your heart and your breathing
  • Reduces feelings of loneliness and emptiness
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Relieves headaches
  • … and much more

For those who want to know how all this is possible, it has to do with hormones.

Increase in ‘happy hormones’ endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin which will make you feel better.

Decrease in stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, ‘cause with less stress hormones you will also feel better.

Conclusion: get out there and cuddle dude, so you can experience it for yourself!

If you have no one to hug then my heart is with you and I wrap my arms around you in thought.

If you really want to feel my arms around you, you can of course make an appointment for a cuddle session.

If you have already contacted me but haven’t heard anything back yet, this Sunday I’m going to make a round of calls with my agenda and a pen at the ready.

Big hug and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

When my fingers hit the fan

When my fingers hit the fan

Carollyne Tjong Ayong
17 January 2022

This weekend was course weekend Thai chair massage.
Beforehand some doubt whether I would go, so shortly after my heart attack.
(For those who are shocked by this, read my e-mail from 10 Dec with subject “Pills instead of Pepernuts“.
Signed up for this mailing after that date? Let me know and I’ll send it to you.)
Very calmly I practiced giving the techniques.
I could tell from the refreshed feedback faces of my colleagues that I had succeeded.
I thought so too, but it took quite a bit of energy.
When I received it, I was able to experience the power of Thai massage techniques.
My heart, head and body have been able to recharge.
The colleague I stayed with showed her beautiful treatment room with justifiable pride.
She also showed the fans under her central heating that provided warm air circulation.
As she pressed the power button, I looked down in the heating.
Nothing to see of course because of all the metal slats, but a breath of fresh dusty air.
Duh, that stuff swirls everywhere, right after you’ve cleaned.
And while I hear those things turning, I kneel and stick my fingers in at the bottom.
Rattling … and quickly I withdraw my hand.
I look at my fingertips and then at my colleague’s pale face.
“What are you doing?” she says startled.
I answer “I have no idea, but they are still attached and everything’s intact”.
Could have turned out very differently, but the energy and brain power for the day had apparently run out.
We had laughed so loud that tears ran down our cheeks.
Once we were done we decided it was time to go to sleep.
Laughter is good for the immune system and also the rest of the weekend was very healing.
I expect to start giving massage treatments again from mid-February.
If you want to schedule an appointment in advance send me a message.
Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

The loveliest of all taxidrivers

The loveliest of all taxidrivers

Carollyne Tjong Ayong
3 January 2022

In the past month I have called sooo many taxis, not out of laziness but because of my post-heart-attacted healing heart.
Handing over something that you normally can do yourself – move from A to B – to someone else.
Quite a challenge, but actually it’s a bit like how I take care of others.
Personal attention for what needs rest to heal, and what can then continue on its own.
So the cabdrivers drive back and forth to take me the one and a half kilometer from home to the practice – or to other destinations at miniscule distances – and back again.
Tenner here, tenner there, but today I met the loveliest taximan of all taximen.
We knew each other from years ago when I also needed a ride.
Today it was a long ride all the way to The Hague, and my destination was an emotional one … the funeral of a dear friend.
At arrival I pulled out my bank card and he said: “Never mind, this one’s on me! You treat your clients for free, even in your current condition!”
Usually I am directness itself, but this time I managed to fall silent and stammer “Thank you”.
I wish everyone a loving windfall like I got from this taximan and I challenge you to give one to someone else.
Have you ever received a loving windfall or gifted one to someone? Send me your experience I look forward to it.
Love, health and freedom for us and for everyone,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong


Carollyne Tjong Ayong
13 December 20221

The holidays are approaching and the previous emails about my Terapy beanbag offer have generated interested questions.
There are people on my mailing list who have not yet come for a cuddle session in which they were comforted and safely cocooned with me in this wonderful beanbag.
In these stressed times everyone is looking for a relaxed gift for themselves or for someone else, and then a Terapy is pretty appealing.
But do you dare to order without knowing how comfortable the Terapy is exactly?
Very understandable if you want to try it out first.
Then I have a simple solution: Schedule a Terapy-Experience.
And if you afterwards want a Terapy of your own, let me know which color, shape and how many.
I will arrange your order and send you the invoice with a 15% discount.
After your payment we make an appointment for the free delivery.
Have lovely evening and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

The magic of the rainforest is within me

Carollyne Tjong Ayong
11 December 2021

My brief hospitalisation has delayed this announcement a little, but thankfully the magic can go on.
On 12 December 2021, a special exhibition series will start in my practice.
Visual artist Merengue de Beet grew up in the interior of Suriname, the country where also part of my roots lie.
In 12 episodes she shows where she comes from and where she is now. The unfolding of her magic.
Every week an art session with a part of Merengue’s journey in multimedia, collage, textiles and ceramics.
You can follow the exhibition series in its entirety, but the art sessions can also be followed separately.
As you are used to from me, these art sessions are also free of charge.
If you want to be physically present, sign up via the online agenda, otherwise you can request a link to watch it later.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Pills instead of “Peppernuts”

Pills instead of “Peppernuts”

Carollyne Tjong Ayong
10 december 2021

(F.Y.I. On the 5th of December the Dutch celebrate the birthday of a Santa Claus like guy named Sinterklaas. According to tradition as the children sing he brings presents and throws candy at them like the typical Dutch gingerbread cookies “pepernoten”. These literaly translate as “peppernuts” hence the subject of my mail.)
Today a message with a serious note, and no, not a music note nor a “pepernoot”.
But I’ll throw it at you right away, as one does with a handful of “peppernuts”.
Last Tuesday evening I had a spontaneous heart attack.
It was a case of bad luck with no genetic cause or bad lifestyle.
Together with two friends by ambulance to the hospital and stayed there until Friday afternoon in the cardiology department.

I did ask for sirens and flashing lights, but the paramedics chuckled that wasn’t necessary because it was the middle of the night and the streets were quiet.

What nice people they were, and such a good sense of humor.

Then seriousness followed and hilarious anecdotal situations too.
I wasn’t afraid nor anxious.
My conviction: When it’s my time, it’s my time. Then I’ll go to a place that we’ve been going to for millions of years, so that’s fine. And if it’s not my time yet, there’s no need to stress either.
In short, yes there’s something serious going on and at the same time all is good as it is.
Now I’m home with a handful of pills instead of “peppernuts” and a recipe for physical rest where I can’t even cycle for at least 3 weeks … let alone give massage treatments.
So first months of mandatory practice closure, then contact professions closed at 18:00… at 17:00… and now this, aaarghhh.
Of course I asked my doctor about having (telephone) conversations, privately and with clients and whether I can make birthday visits if I’m picked up by car and then sit on the couch and keep calm.
That was allowed.
I’ve done two of these visits, but otherwise I’m home taking it very easy.
Yesterday I spent a few hours in the practice for the first time, I was picked up by people I had a meeting with, then two client consultation sessions and then a nice decadent taxi ride home.
Haha, I live 1.5km from my practice, but I’m not allowed to cycle and walking is too far.
That’s quite a switch from my active life with a top sports past to this resting mode, but it is what it is. And today I do nothing at all.
My exercise test is scheduled for the beginning of January and then the cardiac rehabilitation physio will start.
So I’m fine, but I need to take a break and make some adjustments in my life.
Until mid-January 2022 I will unfortunately not be able to provide massage treatments and training sessions, nor will I be able to take on new clients.
What can continue are the scheduled cuddle sessions with existing clients, individual guidance, (telephone) conversation sessions and telephone intake conversations with new clients.
Schedule an appointment in advance, and if you just wanna send a message you’re welcome.
Whatever you do, take good care of yourself. Choose food, people and activities that give you positive energy, ‘cause my experience is that one moment you are eating organic broccoli and the next you have a heart attack 0_o
The healthier you are the quicker an better you’ll recover from all sorts of stuff.
Have a healthy weekend and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Silverfish in the tub

Silverfish in the tub

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

22 november 2021

During the weekend I had a silverfish in my bathtub.
No ovenfish, no paperfish, but a real silverfish!
The creature was about one and a half centimeters, so quite a large one, and had two antennae on its head and three tailbristles at the back.
Two days I showered neatly around him so that he wouldn’t wash away, and afterwards I always dry the bath so I thought I could think quietly where I would release it.
But … when I looked in the tub this morning it was gone.
With a slight horror thought I looked up to check that he hadn’t grown a meter by now and was hanging from the ceiling.
Nothing to see, so I stepped under the shower.
There I noticed that my shoulder felt very different than usual.
No, no critter on my shoulder.
Yesterday a colleague tried his best on my old shoulder injury and a bit of sensitivity has been solved.
Thus, a therapeutic massage treatment can have an effect within 24 hours, even in the case of old pain.
Book your own massage treatment and discover what it can do for you.
Have a nice day and see you soon,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Expiration date

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

19 november 2021

Two in one week!
Two phone calls with the request to make an appointment for a massage treatment.
Well, I regularly get these requests, but these where kind of special due to their expiration date.
They both wanted as sóóón as possible and with repeat appointments within a maximum of three and a half months for one, and within two for the other.
Big demands in this busy time, but I scheduled them anyway because …
These ladies have round bellies that will disappear in a few months.
Until then we schedule pregnancy massages and then we switch to mommy massages.
Baby can come along and lie on mommy’s belly or chest during the massage, and can even be included in the massage a bit.
Massage in this special phase reduces swelling, nerve pain in the legs, joint-, head- and backaches, pressure on the bladder and hips, stress and restlessness, as well as induce better sleep, more energy and general relaxation.
As with all my Thai Yoga Massage treatments, I massage the whole body and the mommies (to be) wear comfortable clothes with long pants and long sleeves.
Do you also have a belly?
You are welcome if there is a baby inside from your second trimester, and also if there is no baby in it anymore, or if there has never been a baby in it or if there is no baby in it yet, and especially if you have really wished there was a baby in it.
Be that as it may, with a belly you are welcome!
Call or send a message and we’ll see each other soon.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Carollyne Tjong Ayong