How you can help

In my practice I work with a broad training and experience background on my vision and mission:

Reducing the unnecessary lack of life needs: touch, relaxation and sincere attention. Why would anyone have a shortage of this? Well-being is a human right and should be accessible to everyone.

With this intention I have decided to let go of my rates for the time being. That is why from 2021 I for now will no longer work for money and rely on donations according to capacity and well-being.

Of course I still need money to support myself so I can continue my work.

Do you think it’s important what I do? And do you want me to be able to continue what I’m doing?

You could also …


You are not obliged to do anything and you can shape your contribution in your own way. For example think of:

  • sharing the Social Crowdfunding Project my clients set up for me;
  • sharing my Facebook messages;
  • dissemination of information about my practice and upcoming activities, eg. via social media or a newsletter, for more participants and brand awareness;
  • reading, viewing and sharing articles/interviews/videos about my practice and about me (you can also embed them on your website);
  • participating in and organizing activities my practice at Lutmastraat 209A;
  • finding access to new target groups (for individual guidance, workshops and lectures);
  • finding access to radio, TV and magazines to tell my story;
  • distributing flyers in your area or having them distributed;
  • helping to find people who want to give recurring gifts;
  • writing reviews about individual sessions or group workshops (on your own website/social media or on my facebook, LinkedIn, or e-mail me);
  • lending me your car so I don’t have to rent Greenwheels to home-visit a client outside of Amsterdam;
  • making a musical contribution during one of our concerts;
  • placing a clickable link to, and/or (for Individual Guidance) on your website;
  • simply starting each day with a friendly smile and greeting people you meet on the street, thus strengthening contact with others and yourself.

It could also very well be that your talents lie elsewhere. Let your creativity flow! After all, it only makes sense to do things that you enjoy and that give you energy.


You can of course also make a donation in kind. Below a few ideas. We are also open to bequests.

  • food an drink (organic and Vegan/100% plantbased);
  • places in the Netherlands and abroad – from garden shed to guest room – to go to on holiday or a break for some rest and peace;
  • carpenter who wants to help me build a roof for my garden;
  • provide a van or camper with which we can tour with our workshops, concerts and performances;

We embrace all gestures, thank you!

Carollyne Tjong Ayong