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2017 March – Jase Maxwell

When is the last time you lay down and zoned-out to some spacious zen music, whilst getting stretched, turned, twisted, walked on and all in all, pleasantly pulverized ? Followed by some cozy cuddling and/or some stimulating and relaxed conversation over dinner, Carollyne’s new Thai-massage/cuddle session/dinner combo, is not only therapeutic… it is the ultimate personal reward.

A Lepeltje Lepeltje, session goes beyond the realms of a typical rub-down. It is actually a journey of discovery, delving deeply into your innermost sense-of-self. It is there, where Carollyne, can unearth and release such intrinsic muscle/energy/emotional challenges with her massage techniques, as to free up your overall well-being and take you to your “happy place” 🙂

If you are ready for such a intrinsic adventure, then I heartily recommend you basically surrender to her expertise, and simply let her work her wonders ! Relax, let go… and “dig in” ! You are in good hands !!

Lepeltje Lepeltje instigator, Carollyne Tjong Ayong’s, approach to therapeutic massage/relax sessions, are not only deeply rooted in iconic knowledge and an intuitive sensibility… they are also, slightly “out-of-the-box”, and tailor-made to suit your needs. Combining a nurturing empathy, together with her personalized approach, Carollyne is on a mission !

My experience: After her standard two-and-half hour session, I found myself to be in a thoroughly rejuvenated state of being ! As I emerged into this totally-revitalized version of my former self, I could feel my muscles yelping out, simultaneously – both, in welcome surprise and, perhaps, slightly-anguished gratitude – for the sensory-sinewy exaltation to which they had just been treated.

Carollyne, intertwines her intuitive sensibilities and brings a thoroughly practiced and personable awareness to each session that I’ve experienced with her. She has the knack for targeting specific, trouble spots and can recognize blockages that may have been plaguing a body for decades.

The result: In doing so, her tactics were able to free me up from some of the “physical prisons” which my body had created and “protected me” with over the years. These blockages were still inhibiting me from enjoying my present sense of awareness, in order to accommodate traumas which no longer existed.

Ultimately, relaxation and relief from pain, anxiety, overall stress… or, even for those who are adventurous enough to give their body and spirit the present of such a reawakening – whatever your motivation – I testify, that the benefits of utilizing Carollyne’s, extra-ordinary insight and revolutionary techniques, are undeniable. These irrepressible waves of “new energy” have helped put me back in connection with my true self, and I would say that they allow a person to rekindle the joy of continuing, uninhibited growth and present well-being, overall.

Thank-you, Carollyne !!! You’ve, definitely helped to kick-start my day, and added an extra brightness to my horizons…



Dec 2017 – Noonie Lee

Wow! What an incredibly healing, relaxing, and gentle experience it was to get a Thai Yoga Massage with Carollyne. I have never had a massage like this one, where Carollyne used her entire body, and her range of expertise in martial arts, yoga, deep tissue and Thai massage, to manipulate your body in just the right way to give you exactly what you need. I have always been afraid of “Thai Massage” after one experience in which the practitioner went through a prescribed series …of moves, twisting your body into awkward positions whether your muscles were warmed up or not. Do not be put off by the “Thai” part of the name of Carollyne’s practice – her intuitive feel for your body, and the gentle way she rocks you to release and warm your muscles is incredibly effective and healing. I have recommended her services to many others, and they have ALL raved about her sessions and gone on to recommend her to their friends. Give it a try for yourself!