APR 2022 – Henry, 44 years (Translated from Dutch)
Origami Mindfulness Experience
I felt completely at ease. This massage is very different from usual. Massage therefore does not cover the full meaning of this treatment. It is combination of movement, stretching, folding, mindfulness, hypnosis and relaxing.

My body is gently and carefully folded like origami. Carollyne knows exactly what she’s doing. While she stretches and massages and folds your tendons, muscles and joints. Then I notice how much tension there is in my body. I finally relax, in complete surrender and even fall asleep without knowing it.

I leave the treatment with a sense of physical harmony.

The total treatment lasted two hours and fifteen minutes, but I lost the time. Carollyne knows how to reassure you completely.

APR 2021 – Anne 52 years (Translated from Dutch)
Dear Carollyne,

Actually, I have no words for what happened in the session with you last Wednesday. It was the perfect collaboration to release and reveal something deeply rooted in my body. I felt the body memory and its tension release and relax. And then how the light and a feeling of bliss could flow through my energy channels and cells. Because a lot of a trauma had been resolved, I expected that I would be rid of the tension in my body for good. That was not the case. Somehow my body managed to get back to the familiarity of the cramping at the back of my second chakra pretty quickly. (to the reader: that’s in the lower back) But the energetic shift has remained. So my body has to get used to the new condition. I also feel that the tension has shifted upwards, to between the shoulder blades. I suspect that this compensated for the tension in the lower back and now that it has become less, it can be felt more clearly.

I am so very grateful to you! I am also so happy that we speak in this ‘same language’, but without words. I can concentrate well, have a good awareness of my body and I can feel and know what it is about; you are fully attuned to me and know exactly which place to touch or which muscle to press. Very fascinating.

I have already worked a lot on myself and have been able to clear up many trauma. It seems as if I have now entered a different layer. It is a finer level, stored purely on a physical level. I feel that you can play a crucial role in that for me. I would like to work with you a few more times to create even more space. It feels as if the tension that is released gives space for light, which can then flow through my cells, so that the cells no longer have to shut the light out but are allowed to embrace it. It is actually the most natural state of a cell. Storing and letting light flow.

Would you please propose some options when you have time for the next session?

Dear greetings and a warm hug for you, wonderful person!

Dec 2017 – Noonie Lee
Wow! What an incredibly healing, relaxing, and gentle experience it was to get a Thai Yoga Massage with Carollyne. I have never had a massage like this one, where Carollyne used her entire body, and her range of expertise in martial arts, yoga, deep tissue and Thai massage, to manipulate your body in just the right way to give you exactly what you need. I have always been afraid of “Thai Massage” after one experience in which the practitioner went through a prescribed series …of moves, twisting your body into awkward positions whether your muscles were warmed up or not. Do not be put off by the “Thai” part of the name of Carollyne’s practice – her intuitive feel for your body, and the gentle way she rocks you to release and warm your muscles is incredibly effective and healing. I have recommended her services to many others, and they have ALL raved about her sessions and gone on to recommend her to their friends. Give it a try for yourself!