Questions and Answers

Question : Who are the cuddle sessions for?

Answer : For anyone who is in need of touch, relaxation and sincere attention. Anyone is welcome and will get a chance to experience relaxation. From twentysomethings to seniors and children, people who are (temporarily) single or whose spouse has deceased, people with partners, single parents and pregnant women, people with a disability, illness or who suffer from depression, business people with crowded agendas, survivors of a fire and people with big scars. But also if you’re not in this list you are welcome.
(For people with physical disabilities: unfortunately my practice is nog equipped with lifting elevators and similar equipment. However, I am familiar with these systems, and a home visit might be an appropriate option.)

Question : Are cuddle sessions only individual or also in a group?

Answer : Like massages, cuddle sessions are given individually. In addition, I also offer workshops. Since May of 2016 I have joined forces with Relaxation Expert Martijn Mulder for special workshops Relaxation & Cuddling where you learn how to relax, make contact and set boundaries. We do this through relaxation exercises, exercises in pairs or with the whole group. And of course there is cuddling involved.

Question : What are the benefits of cuddling?

Answer : Contact with other people is very important. When touched, your body reduces the production of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline) and increases the production of hormones that make you feel comfortable (e.g. oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin). During a cuddle session all kinds of processes take place in your body that help generate physical and mental relaxation.

Question : Can a cuddle session turn into having sex?

Answer : Absolutely not, under any conditions. Lepeltje Lepeltje only offers compasionate cuddle sessions and no passionate cuddle sessions. There are no sexual or erotic services. This is made clear both when you make the appoinment and at the beginning of the cuddle session to avoid misunderstandings. In the event of inappropriate behavior or improper requests occur, the session is terminated immediately.

Question : What happens if I get aroused during a cuddle session?

Answer : It can happen, but it will be not addressed. If necessary we can take a short break.

Question : Can I talk during the cuddle session?

Answer : You may certainly talk. A cuddle session is your time to relax, talk, listen to music, watch a movie, enjoy the silence or take a nap.

Question : What do I do when I feel uncomfortable of become emotional?

Answer : Sometimes during a cuddle session emotions suddenly come to the surface. This is all normal and allowed. You can put it to words or choose to let what you are feeling be what it is, without words. A pause, a sip of water or a different cuddle position is always possible. A comfortable and friendly way to deal with it will always be found.

Question : What kind of clothes should I wear?

Answer : You can wear regular clothes or bring comfortable clothing. A jogging suit or sweatpants are fine. You can also wear a clothing set provided by Lepeltje Lepeltje. During cuddle sessions everyone always at least wears underwear, trousers and a T-shirt with short sleeves. You can change into other clothes before the session starts.

Question : How can I make an appointment for a cuddle session?

Answer : Just call or e-mail and if you get the answering machine, leave your name and number and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

Question : Is it possible to schedule an evening appointment?

Answer : Yes, you can schedule your cuddle session during the day, evening or on weekends. Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Question : Can I smoke during a cuddle session?

Answer : No smoking during the session, and preferably also not right before the session begins.

Question : Must I wear clothing provided by Lepeltje Lepeltje during a cuddle session?

Answer : During the cuddle session you can wear the clothing provided by Lepeltje Lepeltje, but you can also wear your own comfortable clothes. You can change into other clothes before the session starts.

Question : Are home visits possible if I live outside Amsterdam?

Answer : Appointments outside Amsterdam are possible on request. For home visits in Amsterdam there is no extra charge, while outside of Amsterdam home visit costs will be charged.

Question : Can I just walk in for an appointment?

Answer : Call or e-mail before coming to the practice. Due to home visits I am not always in the practice. It would be unfortunate for you if the door is closed and no one is present to answer.

Question : Do you have a movie list from which I can choose if I want to watch a movie together?

Answer : On request we can choose a movie together within appropriate film genres. There is a wide range of music, but you can also bring your own music or favorite book. If you want to enjoy watching a movie together in the cinema, you can use the cinema service.

Question : Can I book a cuddle session and be with you longer than one hour?

Answer : Yes, of course you can. People regularly make an appointment that lasts longer than one hour. We can arrange two or three hours or an entire morning, afternoon or evening. When you make the appointment, you can specify how much time you want to schedule. It is possible to extend the duration while the session is ongoing, if it fits into my schedule.

Question : How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Answer : Up to 24 hours before the scheduled time of your appointment, you can call or email to cancel or reschedule your appointment free of charge. Missed appointments will be charged unless you let me know at least 24 hours in advance.

Question : How can I pay?

Answer : You receive an invoice by e-mail prior to your appointment, so you can transfer the amount stating the invoice number and your name. This way your reservation is fixed and all finances are settled before your appointment.