Practice hygiene

Dear cliƫnt,

Massage and cuddling are very good for your immune system, so especially during this time a nice way of self-care.

As always, a number of hygiene rules apply in my practice. A number of adjustments have been added.

  • I plan my appointments in such a way that with individual treatments there are no other clients in practice with. Between the appointments, I ventilate the practice space. Be on time, but not too early;
  • Come alone as much as possible, but in consultation you can bring someone with you. A parent can of course come with their child;
  • Keep your nails clean and cared for;
  • I expect clients and workshop participants to observe the guidelines concerning personal hygiene and to take good care of their bodies.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the practice rooms and in the courtyard. It is nice if you want to take into account me (therapist and lung patient) and sensitive clients who come after you. We therefore ask you not to smoke just before a treatment or group activity;
  • Bring as little stuff as possible. Put your necessary items away in your bag or jacket pocket;
  • Take off your shoes after entering;
  • All the necessary linen is provided by the practice. Do you, because of your condition, prefer to use your own linen during massage treatments and cuddle sessions? Bring your own 1 or 2 clean (cover)sheets of minimum 140x200cm. (This is not necessary for personal guidance, assertiveness training, karate-kata etc.);
  • Wear flexible clean clothing with long sleeves and long legs. You can changes clothes in the practice;
  • For ease of treatment wear (long) hair in a high bun or tail;
  • In my practice a facemask is not neccesary. According to the guidelines of the RIVM and the website of the Dutch government, you have no obligation to use a facemask if you suffer from your health and/or if you become seriously disrupted by wearing a facemask. If you prefer so, you yourself can of course always wear a facemask;
  • Observe the toilet hygiene rules of the practice;
  • In case of longer treatments a short break is taken to extra ventilate the treatment room;
  • Before and after the treatment I wash my hands and forearms with soap;
  • With every treatment I wear clean long-sleeved clothing;
  • If you feel anxious to come a telephone or video consultation is also possible. Anxiety has a negative effect on your immune system, so I prefer to keep seeing you to you reducing that fear. If desired, I’ll give you some tips or exercises;
  • While scheduling the appointment, I ask a number of questions about your physical and mental health (triage). This way I can prepare to give you the best care and treatment. Notify me in case of health changes before the actual appointment;
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold, fever, flu-like symptoms, other inflammations or health issues that may be a contraindication to treatment. Contact me to discuss your situation. We discuss what is best for your health and optionally reschedule or cancel your appointment;

Feel free to contact me in case you have questions. I’m be happy to answer them.


Despite all the precautions that have been taken, the chance remains, however small, that you will become infected in practice or on your way here. By making the appointment you agree to this risk.

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