10 May 2020

Due to important info this newsletter is online.
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Dear …,

WOW! I received so may reactions to my previous newsletter.
All kinds of nice ideas for my practice garden, and therefore also for you.

In case you think I’m in a fight with my neighbour …
No worries, we chat friendly over the fence.
Especially now I’m working on my garden.

Furthermore, NEW RULES FOR CONTACT PROFESSIONS apply from 11 May.
My practice can open again – with adjustments –  yippeeeee!!!
I’m happy, ’cause I missed the Cuddle Sessions & the Thai Yoga Massage.

Scheduling has already started, and my agenda opens FROM 17 MAY.
Before that: study, tough exams and the garden, well you know the story.
The online Quarantine Cuddling will also continue for the time being.

For your health and mine:

Always stay at home if you have a cold and/or fever.
Cancel as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Brings 2 own (cover)sheets of at least 140 X 200cm.

Use handsanitiser immediately after entering.
Wear CLEAN loose-fitting clothes on arrival.
Wear LONG sleeves and LONG legs.

Can’t change chlothes in practice now.
Can’t go to the toilet in practice now.

Do not shake hands when greeting.
Greet each other with a ‘cuddle dance’ at a distance.
Wear long hair in a high bun with an elastic rubberband.
Both wear a face mask, take care of your OWN FACE MASK.

Wear clean long-sleeved clothing with each treatment.
Practice hygiene according to the Guide infection prevention Covid-19

Of couuurse I understand that you want to make an appointment.

When making the appointment, I ask you a number of questions.
This is called triage, hereby I know whether treatment is safe.
Just before the appointment I check again whether something has changed.

Call me and we’ll discuss what is possible.

A real inventor thought along with me about Corona safety.
Super cool, but maybe you also have a good idea.

‘Cause last week was such a success, let’s do another “competition”.
Send me your Corona-proof idea and I’ll put it on the list.
And who knows, you may soon be treated with your own technique 🙂

The 3 best (serious) ideas all get a free 2-hour session!
Looking forward to your tips and ideas, and to …
your participation in an online group activity.

In preparation for 1,5m group sessions in the new garden.
Sun 10 May, Wed 13 May & Sun 16 May
Registration & more online calendar

Stay healthy and safe!

See you soon,