Generous Givers

My vision for my practice:                                       Reducing the unnecessary lack of necessary life needs: touch, relaxation and sincere attention. Why would anyone have a shortage of this? Well-being is a human right and it should be accessible to everyone.

I believe that everyone should have acces to necessary life needs: Touch, Relaxation and Sincere Attention. That is why I have started an Experiment in Generosity by applying Gift Economy in my practice.


In a gift economy, goods and services are given without any strings attached; it is an economic system where it is the circulation of the gifts within the community that leads to increase — increase in connections, increase in relationship strength; in this context, hoarding actually decreases wealth. At its core, gift-economy is a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance, isolation to community and a shift “from-Me-to-We”.


For Individual Sessions, group workshops, concerts and other events applies that we have made a start-up investment. Now it is up to the participants & guests to maintain this Chain of Giving by paying for the one who comes after them. After scheduling an appoinment everyone receives an appoinment confirmation & payment form with the costs, and on which they can enter one of the options:

  • I choose to pay the full costs for this session (the event p.p.)              : € …
  • I choose to pay a different* amount for this session (this event p.p.): € …

* this amount may be higher or lower than the full costs for this session, and will be stated on your invoice. If you pay more, someone with a smaller budget can pay less. If you pay less, the remaining amount is a gift from others who paid a little more.

The Gift-Economy philosophy is also supported by the experts and musicians with whom I collaborate. I am grateful for their warm-hearted commitment and trust. For us there is no fixed income. Everyone receives a percentage of the proceeds per event.

You can find more information on my page Payment Philosophy.


Do you have a heart for Lepeltje Lepeltje Knuffelsessies & Massage and would you like to give a gift?

Please transfer your financial gift to:

  • bank account number: NL06INGB0005990826
  • BIC-number: INGBNL2A
  • Write in the transfer description GIFT
  • Please also send me an e-mail so I can personally thank you

Do you want to give something in a different way? Let us know. For instance if you are a musician and you want to come and play one of our concerts (without financial compensation).

If you prefer you can also fill in the gift form below. You can indicate whether you want to make a one-time or repeated gift.

We embrace any gift, thank you!


Eenmalige donatie = one time donation | Maandelijks = Monthly | Jaarlijks = Yearly | Bericht = Message | Bedrag = Amount




Bedrag €*