Carollyne In Motion

“Carollyne In Motion” is an experience for all your senses. You will be welcomed with a hug, a hot cup of tea and you will sit on comfortable cushions together with the other spectators. Then Carollyne will start moving and brings her movement partner* in motion and to a standstill in her own way. The live music, guitar strings and singing bowls of one of the music partners form a fluid whole with all movements. The trio will touch you through a beautiful meditative spectacle full of touch with aspects of singing, dance, martial arts, yoga, mindfulness, acrobatics and massage. By seeing the movements and hearing the sounds, your mirror neurons will take you on an inner feeling trip into emotion and deep relaxation.

*This movement partner has registered in advance. Would you like to be a movement partner? Send a message for more info.


Sun 12 nov MC Jazzduo performs in Castricum

Michel de Wit
In addition to the six strings of his guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), Michel also plays various percussion instruments and his playing style is a combination of jazz, flamenco, blues and world music. He can be booked in various line-ups, for example as a solo guitarist, as a duo with a female singer, guitarist, or a singer-songwriter, and in combination with various bands. Michel offers a suitable program for every location or occasion. He also gives guitar lessons in the Amsterdam area and via Skype. Beginning of 2024 his album with beautiful instrumental compositions will be released. You can already enjoy this music live during the CarollyneInMotions.

MC Jazzduo has a wide repertoire of jazz standards. From beautiful tear-jerking ballads to swinging up-tempo classics. In addition to jazz, this duo also plays other music styles. Be amazed by Carollyne’s soulful vocals and Michel’s virtuoso acoustic guitar playing.

Tip: Michel & Carollyne are on tour at private and public locations for the rest of this year. There is still some room in the agenda for new venues. Of course you can also already book them for next year.

This agenda only shows MC Jazzduo performances. For the full agenda click here.


MC Jazzduo

Ferenc Honcoop
Songman Ferenc has been singing his own tune since childhood. He studied music therapy and has years of experience in the care and guidance of people with multiple disabilities. Playing various instruments in a variety of music ensembles makes him a multi-instrumentalist in addition to being a seasoned singer-songwriter. With his versatile performance, he warmly invites his audience to travel through his musical universe. Since 2020, Ferenc has also explicitly profiled itself as a protest singer. His new solo album “Humble” will be released in May 2023.

The online agenda indicates who will be making music at the Carollyne In Motion.


  • half an hour WALK-IN time
  • 2 hour performance.

PLEASE NOTE: View the dates and exact time schedule in the online agenda.


The main location is the practice of Lepeltje Lepeltje Cuddle Sessions & Massage at:

  • Lutmastraat 209A, 1074 TW Amsterdam

In addition, with some regularity:

  • Rubensstraat 62, 5171 ZK Kaatsheuvel
  • Schafterdijk 11, 5556 VK Valkenswaard. Location of Thai Dee, acknowledged bachelor- education institute for Thai massage therapy.

You can also order “Carollyne In Motion” at your location. We will then make agreements tailored to your wishes:

  • The costs depend on your wishes.
  • “Carollyne In Motion” can last 2 hours but also longer. In the second case we can expand with more music or a sound healing session where all spectators (if desired) receive a short massage over the clothing.
  • The maximum number of participants depends on your space.

Feel free to conect to discuss the possibilities.


Do you want an individual experience without an audience? A combination of music therapy and a therapeutic body treatment with our full attention for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Make an appointment at the practice. Michel and Carollyne will come to your location in consultation.