Gift Promotion

Of course I want to introduce as many people as possible to Lepeltje Lepeltje Knuffelsessies & Massage. This way everyone can experience how my sessions provide relief from tension, stress, loneliness, fears, pain and other discomfort. After several appointments, certain complaints can sometimes even disappear completely. And with an occasional maintenance session afterwards, everyone stays in optimum shape.

In addition to the win promotions, there is also this great offer for all visitors of my website. Everyone will receive 1 hour as a gift at the 2nd appointment. How does it work?

  • Call or e-mail me during the promotion week – from the first “Gift-Economy Birthday” on 27 September and during the “Week against Loneliness” from 1 to 8 October – until 31 October
  • Schedule an appointment that will take place in October 2019
  • Use the promotion code OKT-19
  • During your 1st appointment you will receive the gift voucher for with your 2nd appointment


  1. Yes you have read correctly, this promotion is intended for all visitors of my website.
  2. The gift of this promotion cannot be combined with other won sessions.
  3. To create as many appointment options as possible there will at the moment be no room for home visits. The promotional appointments can only take place in practice.

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