Registration for Events



  • A deposit of € 50 is required when registering for a workshop / concert / event
  • Your place is guaranteed after payment of the deposit
  • After the event, you will receive your deposit back in cash in a gift bag
  • You fill in the payment form with the amount you want to pay for someone who comes after you. You enter the amount and the form in the gift bag and return it to the workshop supervisor
  • No cash? Write your details and the amount you want to pay on the payment form, put it in the gift bag and an invoice will be sent.


The number of places at the events is limited. Unfortunately, the number of people who don’t show up is often high. None the less we have costs, such as renting space, material costs and hiring musicians, for example. We’re sorry if people can’t participate because the event is full. And it would be a shame if someone doesn’t show up and the place remains unoccupied. We also find it unfortunate if at the start of fewer people there are present than expected, or if several people cancel within 48 hours in advance. We try to avoid having to disappoint people by cancelling the event last minute.

The deposit is our compensation for if you do not show up, or if you cancel within 48 hours before the start of the event. For registered people it may work as a stimulant to actually come. Again, after the event you will receive the deposit back and you can decide for yourself how much you pay for someone who comes after you.


The total costs for events in our location may vary. For instance

  • 3 hour Cuddle Workshop € 590
  • 3 hour Cuddle concert (including a cuddle dinner) € 825
  • 3 hour workshop Self-Defense & Defensibility € 375
  • 5 hour Laughter & Cuddle workshop € 1100
  • 5 hour Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork workshop € 600

The price difference depends on the number of hours of the event, the materials and the number of professionals, supervisors and / or musicians that have to be hired.

The total costs are divided by the number of attendees (including the people who did not show up). On the payment form you can fill in whether you want to pay your share or a different amount. That amount may be higher or lower than your share.

Keep in mind that our costs must be covered in order to continue organizing the events according to Gift Economy.


In the agenda below you can book your participation. Click on an available activity, create your account and confirm your booking. Are you unable to attend after booking, please call/e-mail me quickly as possible. That way someone else can participate in your place or be shifted from the waiting list.

In the agenda you also find the periods I’m absent for work training. No appointments can be scheduled at these times.

This calender is subject to change.